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Dolce Vita S/S 2019

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Dolce Vita S/S 2019

Dolce Vita S/S 2019 collection was strongly influenced by Italian culture and actress Monica Bellucci. Passion, sexiness, flirtiness, but also easiness and openness were feelings I wanted to expressed through this collection.


I made author’s graphic design, subjective projection of flower peony, which I later printed on satin fabric. Therefore, whole collection, from fabrics to cuts, is absolutely unique. Flower of peony was considered as a symbol of beauty, prosperity and health. In ancient China, they believed peony is flower of Kings.


I used natural feminine colors, such as ivory, beige and also gold, which evoque hot Italian sun. I designed several sewing patterns, all based on different sizes and placement of flounces.


This collection is available for order. For more info, please contact me through message.

Fashion designer :

Zarina Šimkovič.


Zarina Šimkovič


Simona Jančová